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Madiba Pompon

The name says it all: the Madiba Pompon features small, colourful pompons with at least 30 flowers per stem to create a vibrant and unique filling for a bouquet or floral arrangement. Available in four beautiful colours and as a mix. The responses from wholesalers, retailers, and florists from across the world have been overwhelmingly positive.

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Madiba Daisy

The single-flowered Madiba is a classic in our Madiba product range. Since its launch, the range has been expanded to nine colours, each named after a city in Africa to acknowledge and honour the roots of the brand. Madiba Daisy is famous for its impressive volume and long shelf life in bouquets.

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Madiba Spider

Our newest Madiba is the Spider, which features unique, decorative spider-shaped flowers. The Spider is currently only available in white but will soon be available in other colours. The Madiba Spider is a colourful matchmaker with a vase life of more than two weeks after purchase.

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