Grower Kees de Jongh

Madiba is a fantastic product to work with. The flower is unique, incredibly strong, and has a high decorative value. I started growing Madiba in 2010 and haven’t regretted it for a single moment, especially now that the number of varieties is increasing, such as the Madiba Pompon in various colours and the new Madiba spider. We are therefore now growing only Madiba flowers.

In 2018, we completely modernized our business with the latest technologies and made various investments in sustainability. For example, we now have solar panels on the roof and are growing 99% organically. We are also reducing the amount of waste we produce and are looking into environmentally friendly flower sleeves.

Madiba is a strong brand and has to stay that way, which is why the quality of our cultivation has to always meet the highest standards. I always get involved personally and check every cart before it goes out the door. I am proud of Madiba and share that sense of pride with my community as a main sponsor of the local football club in Waardenburg.’

Kees de Jongh