Grower Monnikenwaard

‘I had no intention of becoming a grower when I was younger. But after working with my father Jan van Tuijl for a few years, the prospect became a lot more appealing. I became branch manager and then took over the company of more than 6 hectares. If I do something, I do it well, so I invested heavily in professionalizing all the processes. With our special LED lighting, we are now a perfect-lit Santini grower in the Netherlands and grow an average of half a million stems per week year-round. Alongside this, our processing machines can process 3,200 bunches per hour.

In 2019 I was asked by Dekker Chrysanten to grow Madiba flowers. It didn’t take me long to agree! Madiba is an ultra-reliable product with a high yield per square metre. But the partnership with John van de Westeringh and Kees de Jongh is something that I also really like. John laid the foundation for the success that Madiba now enjoys, and when Kees joined the ranks he ensured continued success and further growth. I am able to learn from and build on the experience of John and Kees and to grow together with this fantastic brand.’

Maurice van Tuijl