Madiba: a unique brand

We believe that Madiba can be a way for us to help create a more colourful life for all our chain partners, consumers, and the people of Tanzania. The Madiba brand is a Reliable, Return, and Colourful matchmaker.


Madiba is grown with love and care by reliable, expert Dutch growers to ensure perfect, colourful product with a guaranteed long vase life that adds volume to bouquets. As the reliable breeder and developer of this variety, Dekker Chrysanten guarantees the excellent quality of the propagation material and the final product. For more information, please visit




Everyone in the chain benefits from Madiba. Growers benefit from a high yield per square metre, exporters and wholesalers benefit from the low waste and extensive product range, retailers and florists benefit from beautifully filled bouquets with a high margin, and consumers can enjoy a colourful bouquet with a long vase life that brightens up a room. And let’s not forget the people of Tanzania who are given a better life thanks to Madiba.

A colourful matchmaker

Just like Nelson Mandela brought people together in his lifetime, the Madiba brings together flowers of different colours and brings together different people. This is only possible with the help of our chain partners, and we appreciate their contribution. In addition, we also support various social projects in Tanzania, such as the Sengerema foundation, in honour of Nelson Mandela.


Sengerema foundation

The Sengerema foundation was founded in 2008 to help disadvantaged young people in Tanzanian develop. Many have had to discontinue their studies due to lack of finances. The foundation offers them further education and microcredit if they have a good plan to start their own business. Since then, more than 800 young Tanzanians have completed their training and with our help, more than 300 new businesses have been started by these young people in Tanzania.

Would you also like to contribute to our social projects in Tanzania? Please send an e-mail to for more information.

Flower Power

Madiba’s brand promise is ‘Flower Power’. It’s more than just a flower:

  • Madiba has strong flowers with a vase life of no less than two weeks after purchase by the consumer.
  • Madiba adds power, volume, and colour to every bouquet and floral arrangement.
  • Madiba is a powerful matchmaker that brings together partners in the chain.
  • As Madiba contributes to a better life for people in Tanzania,

it was only natural for us to add Flower Power to our new, colourful logo.